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Master Chemical company experts are experienced in waterproofing service and with technical chemicals, we provide complete water tank proofing service according to your budget. And we also give 5 years of warranty. If you face any problem in these years, then you can achieve free services from us. Our company provide technological advanced, premium liquid polyurethane tank waterproofing system which offers easy application, as well as full certifications. Most importantly it guarantees long-lasting results for water tank proofing, it can not only be used for new water tank or pond construction but also used to repair, consisting of different products.

Master Chemical services quickly waterproof small active leakages, areas with insufficient air circulation like sewer systems, develops high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide which leads to the creation of sulfuric acid on the surface. Master Chemical have competent and trained professionals that can provide you the best water tank proofing services, to repair any kind of leakage and moisture from your premises by using imported and effective chemicals at competitive prices with the best technical expertise. Reparation of an existing water tank is a time consuming process and cause inconvenience to the residents. Cement slurry is used to waterproof the tank which temporarily arrest leakage from cracks and joints. Seepage and leakage from overhead and underground tanks spoil the decoration, helps the growth of algae and fungus and leads to weakening of structure. Hence such areas are need to waterproofed by our master chemical tank waterproofing chemical.

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