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Master Chemical also provides waterproofing service with its each service. Due to our skilled and hardworking experts our services are known as one of the top services of waterproofing. Our experts perform their services after doing full inspection, we use prepared paint made from modern chemicals which stops every leakages. Waterproofing is designed for every type of surfaces of building. The surfaces of the building are made water-resistant and sometimes waterproofed due to roof waterproofing, because it forms an impervious barrier around the surfaces of roof, wall, foundation and other structural membranes to prevent water intervention.

Waterproofing includes many materials for different type of roofs such as bituminous material, cementitious material, liquid waterproofing membrane and polyurethane liquid membrane etc. Waterproofing are generally required for basement structure walls, kitchen, balconies, bathroom, swimming pools etc. Cementitious waterproofing is the easiest method for roof waterproofing, this method is often used for internal wet areas such as toilets. This method is of usually semi-flexible or rigid type of waterproofing. But since it is used for internal areas so it is not exposed to sunlight or weather, although it does not go through contract with expansion process.

Liquid waterproofing is a thin coating membrane which consist primer coat and is applied by roller and spray. It offers more flexibility than the type of cementitious waterproofing, this liquid converts into a rubber coating when applied to wall. The durability of coating of waterproofing, depends on which type of polymer is used by the manufacturer to make liquid waterproofing. Polyurethane liquid membrane is an expensive method used for the coating of flat roof exposed to weather. It offers higher flexibility but is also very sensitive to the presence of moisture content, before the application, one has to be very careful while eliminating moisture content of the concrete slab, otherwise after some time peeling of membrane may happen.

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