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Master Chemical company with colours and paint materials, to reduce the reflection of heat and sunlight we use light colour paint materials. Which is prepared from different chemicals, which in the presence of our experts by doing the reflection of sunlight, reduces the temperature through painting the roofs of buildings. And is used for external sections of roof, porch and entering points. We only use premium grade chemical for roof heat proofing to offer best results.

Our company is reliable in reducing the temperature of your roof, we provide different methods of roof heat proofing in different cities of Pakistan according to the roof. Most of the cities in Pakistan including Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad suffer from high temperatures in Summer season, in these conditions usage of air conditioner becomes very essential which results in high amount of energy bills. Heat Proofing is an impressive method for your roof, that is treated by heat reflective chemical solution. These chemical solutions used by Master Chemical Company’s services are of very high quality which increases durability, if you are living in Lahore, Karachi or Islamabad and experiencing extreme hot and sunny days, you might also suffer from unexpected load shedding. Roof heat proofing services allows you to enjoy coolness in extreme hot days in Karachi Islamabad Lahore. The extreme weather conditions causes contractor and expansion inside the structure which causes ultimate cracks on roof and other sides of the building, this is where the roof heat proofing services come, it not only protects the structure from extreme hot temperatures but also keeps the interior side cool.

We use high quality products which not only protects the structures but also keeps you secure from potential harms, we first ensure customer safety. Our roof heat proofing chemical solutions are a mixture of compounds which is designed not only to provide protection against potential harms but also for the neglected problems. It means that roof heat proofing will not only save the cost of the continuous maintenance but will also allow less usage of air conditioners under cooler temperatures.

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