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Master Chemical Roof heat insulation, is a perfect method for roof insulation, due to this your roof can face lots of amount of heat. Our company use advanced polyurethane foam insulation spray, which provides heat proofing. Heat proofing insulation is the most impressive method, through which it reflects the heat of surface of any property with chemical solution treatment. Through master company’s services these used chemicals keep a lot of standard. Which increases more durability, our chemicals are certified according to international standards. It can be applied to concrete, wooden and all sort of metal structures and it also reflects ultra violet sun rays completely. Heat is mainly transferred through roof, exposed wall openings such as (doors, windows, ventilators etc) in a building structure.

For external roof insulation, materials of heat insulation are used on external roof and for internal roof insulation, materials of roof heat insulation is used below the waterproof course. By arranging sheet of asbestos cement an air space might be created on the top of the flat roof, white washing helps the roof in heat insulation before outset of summer. The materials of heat insulation are of different types that is installed or fixed outside and inside of the exposed walls in order to reduce thermal transmission. By using external shadings like weather shutters, lowered shutters and sun breaker, solar heat on exposed walls and windows can be reduced and also can be reduced by internal shadings such as curtains, Venetian blinds, heavy folds etc.

Roof heat insulation prevent too much heat transfer and keeps you house cool from inside, and maintains temperature during Summer. Due to thermal or roof heat insulation your room environment remains cooler in Summer and warmer in Winter, hence a roof heat insulated house provides you comfort in both Summer and Winter season. By doing roof heat or thermal insulation it saves energy as well as your money, it makes a blockage of heat transfer through thermal contact which reflects the heat back to outside and reduces temperature of heat. By insulating the roof of your house you can complete energy saving projects and can also reduce pollution which can have a big effect on the environment.

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