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bathroom leakage treatment


Master Chemical Bathroom leakage is a common problem, in this process system it occurs the reason of cracks and micro holes. Through our air pressure process defective bathroom, such as bath tubs, shower, hand washing sink or inappropriate installation of pipes fits perfectly. Urea and uric acid is a basic problem of water pressure of bathroom sewerage lines. Due to chemical act flowing water from lines can be stopped. The leakage on the ground level may cause some various diseases because the water from leakage mix up with tank water and it also makes the foundation weak. We provide best quality chemicals and services for basement leakage repair.

We understand that leakages spoils the decoration of walls of your bathroom and produces smell in the form of mold. This is what we aim to provide our dedicated services all over Pakistan, we use an art chemical solution to help our customers stay safe from mold, which generates itself through the water stored in cracks of walls. Whether it is concrete walls or tiles, the solution provided by Master Chemical Company will positively provide protection against molds, water intervention. Bathroom leakage treatment can save your bathroom from getting in the hands of mold, moisture. Experts of our company provides best bathroom leakage treatment services by using modern chemical on tiles and walls of your bathroom without any dismantling. Coating with our chemical not only fills the joints of bathroom sewerage lines but also concerns less blockage of lines.

We have achieved 100% successful results by applying this new technology on several objects. Bathroom leakages can lead, to structural damages and further more it can also damage your household appliances and furniture’s. Bathroom water leakage problems arise from cheap quality and damaged waterproofing systems, however our professional team provide appropriate methods according to your bathroom issues and makes your bathroom waterproof by using unique techniques and modern chemicals. We provide our services of bathroom leakage treatment and waterproofing with high quality of work and modern chemicals without any dismantling, so that our customers won’t face any bathroom leakage issues again.

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