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Bathroom WaterproofingBathrooms are one of the spaces that are constantly exposed to water and moisture. The surfaces will be wet and damp perpetually. The water vapour will damage all exposed objects. Waterproofing the bathroom should be a primary concern while construction. A bathroom requires adequate waterproofing and sufficient ventilation to keep the air as dry as possible. The damp areas will breed germs and other microorganisms creating unhealthy conditions. Upper respiratory tract infections, bronchitis, allergic rhinitis and asthma are some of the respiratory diseases caused due to dampness.As waterproofing specialists, our products protect and preserve buildings and structures world-wide. Whether the project at hand is the restoration of a heritage building, waterproofing of a new construction, or the repair of a failed waterproofing, you can be assured: Master Chemicals comprehensive and broad product program offers the optimal solution.
In order to always be one step ahead, we continually develop new products. Our current product range comprises of bituminous basement waterproofing for the positive side, crystallizing sealing slurries for the negative side, waterproofing for tanks and tunnels, restoration plasters, horizontal barriers (damp barriers), anti-mold systems, crack injection and crack repair systems, concrete repair and protection products, concrete and mortar additives, cementitious underlayments, floor coatings, moisture control systems, joint sealants, bathroom waterproofing, metal roof,Rcc,  Precast, as well as Commercial and    Residential roofing membranes.

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